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Episode 9 'This is the Chair' & Episode 10 'Laura is the One'

Hey guys, this speculation thread will contain spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Return - Episode 9 ‘This is the Chair’ and Episode 10 ‘Laura is the One’.
There are just so many theories and analysis on the different story arcs of this insane, yet amazing series, so i’m going to try to tie them all together here.

It’s been a while since my last post, so there’s a lot to catch up on!

(Been busy writing for "Back to Twin Peaks". Check out some of my articles!)
First up, I want to thank Yuri on google plus who’s been sharing his research, and some cool finds.
To me, this is one of the biggest rabbit holes i’ve ever come across on the internet, but the guys have been digging deep on ‘The Search for the Zone’ website. So this seems crazy, but apparently if you refresh the page 119 times then a link appears on the ‘Heinlein links’ section of the website which brings you to an alternate page, with the cryptic message ‘To get to level 3 you must find the book of the key and the lock’:
(Screenshot above)
I'm going to speculate about all the spreading theories about what this means, as I analyse the myriad clues, mysteries and plot elements from Episode 9 and 10, so prepare your souls, we are going to be 'entering the Zone'....
There are hundreds of rabbit holes you can go down researching the complexities of ‘The Search for the Zone’ website:
Some of the most interesting notes about the site are that if you look at the visitor count, it is actually decreasing rather than increasing, and good estimates put the countdown to on or near the time that Season 3 of Twin Peaks is scheduled to finish. The website is laid out in nostalgic 90’s html, and we learn that the website was created in 1997 (Which is the same year that Dougie has apparently been in existence for, according to records investigated by the detectives Fusco, which suggest that there is no record of Dougie Jones prior to 1997).

On the guestbook page of Bill Hastings' website, a commenter named J. Garvey left this:
"Recently I had an experience that can only be explained by the existence of multiple dimensions. It was not a dream of any kind or anything I had experienced in the past. Without going into too much detail, I found myself present…physically present with a close friend who passed in some other ‘space’ or ‘dimension.’ He has been gone for several years but in this elsewhere where I found myself he existed in flesh form. I know this sounds impossible, but it happened, I swear. This has completely changed my concepts of ‘life’ and ‘consciousness'"

Hastings responded that it's "very powerful stuff, John"

I’m going to discuss episode 10 in more length after my recap of episode 9, but it has to be mentioned that when Agents Rosenfield and Cole become suspicious of Diane, they tap her phone and found that she is reporting to someone. Tammy traced it back to a server in Mexico. When Gordon asks if Diane responded, Albert states that Diane sent the following "heavily encrypted" message: “..they have Hastings. He's going to take them to the site."
This puts heavy suspicions on Diane obviously, but before going into that, i’m going to continue unfolding everything we know about ‘The Zone’, this website and it’s relationship to all of the plot twists.

Part of the website leads to this curious video of the ‘Above the convenience store’ which was elaborated on as related to the White Sands nuclear tests in Episode 8, and ties back to the scene with Phillip Jeffries in Fire Walk With Me:

While on this subject, i've recently uploaded a video which concisely condenses the most essential plot points of Fire Walk With Me as they pertain to Season 3:

It’s pretty well established now that the website 'The Search for the Zone' was built by the Twin Peaks marketing team affiliated with the soundtrack department, and if you click on the donations button you will be linked to a store selling the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Some have spent a long time analysing the audio files which appear on the website:
Also there has been a lot of people tying the soundtrack to the opening sequence where the Giant speaks to Agent Cooper and tells him to ‘Listen to the sounds’: (Which does seem like a fitting comparison)

In this scene (As you remember) an old time-y record player is emitting a soft, scratchy, repetitious noise, which is reminiscent of Maddy’s murder:
Maddy dies to the sound of a skipping record player, the needle jumping back and forth at the end of an LP which has finished playing, just like the skipping records sound in the opening sequence of The Return. Similarly a skipping record player is found in Jaques Renault’s cabin in the woods. 

The lack of the music in the new season seems to have some functional correlation to these concepts, and indeed, the first episode rolled out with the Giant’s skipping gramaphone, whilst every other episode has cut to the Roadhouse for a musical performance. The ‘Man from another place’/’The Arm’ refers to the place where they are from as a place where “there’s always music in the air”.
Perhaps the white lodge combats the black lodge through it’s music, which would fit with Leland trying to sing away Bob in the original series, aswell as the ‘Gotta light’ Woodsman, who puts the town to sleep by hijacking the airwaves and reading his toneless poem:

“It is in our house now” could mean that the White Lodge has been infiltrated by the black lodge perhaps?

I quite like this idea. The idea of music keeping evil at bay, is also very reminiscent of the H.P Lovecraft story 'The Music of Eric Zahn', in which an old man in Paris keeps away an ancient evil by playing his Viola.
Returning though to the subject of the website 'The Search for the Zone'

What seems abundantly clear is that the website itself is fully endorsed and contributed by the creators, as much of the discussion of interdimensionality is reminiscent of Mark Frost’s ‘The Secret History of Twin Peaks’. An apparent red herring or intriguing mystery involves the co-ordinates which appear as part of the website: (44.512439,-103.820707)
Some Twitter users apparently tweeted Mark Frost asking him if it was dangerous to travel to the location of the co-ordinates to which Frost tweeted back ‘You tell me’, suggesting it was safe. Some people then went there and took photo’s, though thus far nothing significant has been found there: (See photo’s)
Somebody else managed to crack the source code of the website 'The Search for the Zone' and found the following encrypted message: 'The Ghost in the machine points to the False Prophet’.
I think I have some ideas about what this could mean.

I have some ideas about 'The Book of the key and the lock' too and how this all relates to Twin Peaks. To trace my thoughts first I just want to pull away everything else we know about this website. Here is a summary of all the external content which the website links to, regarding parallel dimensions:

Important quotes about Parallel Dimensions:
 “Lets introduce a new frame of reference. First we need to setup a defined three-dimensional box, with defined distances, molecular compression, a reference value of heat equilibrium stabilizing particle movement within to explain the fifth dimension. 
What mankind does not know is that matter and energy, and that which supports the essence of life, exists many different vibrational frequencies. Each vibrational level is independent from each other, but occupy the same space.”
 “The universes predicted by string theory and inflation live in the same physical space (unlike the many universes of quantum mechanics which live in a mathematical space), they can overlap or collide. Indeed, they inevitably must collide, leaving possible signatures in the cosmic sky which we can try to search for.”
 “Time is progressively slower in fourth density than in third, but to an entity in third density visiting it seems the same.”

I think this last quote could have huge ramifications for what is happening with the glass box in Manhattan and the entities entering and exiting that portal.
Alright, so let's talk about Hastings and his whole backstory.

Hastings describes the scenes when he and Ruth Davenport travel to another dimension, in what Hasting's thought was a dream. Obviously the fact that he met Major Briggs seems to correlate to Brigg's dissapearance in the old season when he teleported to 'The White Lodge'.

Hastings says 'There were so many people there'

This reminded me of the scenes above the convenience store in Fire Walk With me again, and it seems pretty clear that Hastings has been interacting with these entities from another world, much like Agent Cooper, Agent Jeffries and Agent Chester Desmond.

Hastings describes what he and Ruth were trying to achieve, that they were hoping to "...make contact with a certain person." 
Wether or not this person of contact was Major Briggs we don't know, and given that Phyllis Hastings had definite connections to Cooper's Doppleganger, it is possible that Hastings himself may have been investigating the 'Zone' on behalf of Mr C, or even Agent Jeffries.
Some other quotes from this interview with Hastings include:
"He was hiding there....and other people were maybe going to find him." 
So this suggests that perhaps Cooper's doppleganger and others were hunting Major Briggs.
I think it also brings to mind Windom Earle, who was hunting Major Briggs in the original series, I have my own theories about Windom Earle's involvement in the plot, and you should read over my old blog entries to get a recap of those ideas:

"These others came in and they grabbed me by the neck and they pushed me down, and said 'What's your wife's name?'"

This is the first time we've heard of the lodge entities flat out interrogating the visionaries and it is a very interesting and evocative description.
Another quote is "Ruth was very good at uncovering hidden records" which brings to mind Project Blue book and all of the information which was kept in 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks' dossier. One wonders if this investigation is leading ever closer to the discovery of the dossier which we know was found at a crime scene.
We learn some interesting facts from Cole's investigation. 
The car of Hasting's secretary exploded and killed her.This is undoubtedly the same secretary Ray was talking about with evil Cooper in episode two, who would only share her information with him. And Cooper really wanted that information (wanted, not needed). (The full conversation):

Ray: I’ll follow up on that contact of mine, hopefully get that information you need.
Mr. C: Want, not need. I don’t need anything Ray. If there’s one thing you should know about me Ray, its that I don’t need anything. I want. And I want that information.
Ray: This information seems pretty important to ya, don’t worry I’ll get it for you.
Mr. C: And I better be able to trust that information.
Ray: She’s (Bill) Hastings secretary, she knows what he knows.

So Hastings, Ruth, the secretary, Ray, evil Cooper and Major Briggs were all connected. But why Cooper had to kill Hasting's wife and set up his lawyer, and why one of the hobos was sitting in a cell next to him, is still a mystery.

Darya also mentions the secretary way back in the first few episodes, (Which is literally the last time we saw Hastings, so Episode 9 was a real plot mover). Before Mr C kills Darya she tells him 'just making sure I get the job done on the secretary's car'.
A couple of questions I didn't see brought up.
1) William Hastings says he doesn't have the coordinates as Ruth wrote them down. If that's the case, why would his secretary have them? Ray was trying to get them from his secretary ..... Or are these separate coordinates? One that Briggs is looking for and ones that helped him enter the 'dimension'?
2) Whoever grabbed William Hastings in the 'dimension', why would they ask for his wife's name? That part seemed unusual....
This is a rough timeline about what we know about Hastings discovery:

1. Hastings/Ruth figure out the coordinates from some old government document.
2. They go to coordinates at appointed time and there's a portal, through which they meet The Major.  
3. He asks them to get him some different coordinates from a secure government resource. 
4. Hastings/Ruth get the coordinates. At some point during this process, the secretary gets the info too? (Ray says she knows what he knows?)
5. Ruth writes the coordinates down on her hand so she won't forget them.
6. They go back to the Portal and give the coordinates to Briggs whose body floats up (like??????) head then disappears from hearing the numbers.
7. While this is going on they are attacked "There were so many people there" (Woodsmen?) Ruth is killed (head pushed in by Woodsman hands?)
8. Hastings cradles her as she dies. 
9. Hastings wakes up back in his bed. (Ruth's head/Briggs Body transported to *her* bed somehow).  
Or here is another way to summarise -- in blurb form --

School Principal and school librarian discover a mutual interest in the occult. Some unseen foreign guy (H.V.) collaborates with Hastings on a blog, and possibly even steers Hastings towards a discovery. On the surface Hastings and his wife seem like the perfect family, but secretly she's having an affair with her Lawyer. He knows about it, and doesn't hold back as the mutual attraction with Ruth grows. They make some discoveries. DoppleCoop arrives on the scene and starts banging Hastings' wife too. (...and ONE OTHER GUY he says to her in the jail scene). Ostensibly to keep tabs on her Husband's activities since he seems to be getting close to something. Hastings and Ruth have the breakthrough and open the portal. They see The Major who tells them where to find some other coordinates and how. They do the break-in and get the coordinates to the Major whose head floats off and then all hell breaks loose as the Woodsmen come and murder Ruth. Hastings wakes up in his bed. Ruth is found dead, later arrested...etc etc etc. Sounds like an exciting show. What happens in Season 2?

Well here's a lot more interesting speculation about the whole Hastings plot to mull over:



Speaking of suspicious bags, it seems worth noting that there is a parallel with what happens at 'The Farm' when Mr C is given a bag by Hutch, which we don't know what's inside. More speculation:
Alright i'm going to move on to discuss Major Briggs, Jack Rabbit's palace and theories regarding alternate time lines. But one more point of speculation which is tied to the Hastings crime scene. Major Briggs fingerprints have been found 16 times in 15 years. What was Major Briggs doing these other 16 times? And were they all part of his same White Lodge journey which would lead to his eventual teleportation to the current time frame and subsequent murder?

Alright so in a really quick analysis of the card retrieved from the object left by Briggs. The note from Briggs lists the time 2:53, the same time that Cooper left the Mauve Room, and the numbers the Arm said way back in episode 2. 2:53 is the time that Cooper's doppleganger was supposed to travel back into the black lodge, it also paralells the directions '253 yards from Jack Rabbit's palace' and may tie to the co-ordinates as discussed by Hastings, could this be a map to 'The Zone'? 
I think there's an obvious symmetry to the quest for 'One Eyed Jack's' in the original series.
We see two triangles that presumable mean Twin Peaks the town, above which is a red dot, then an downward facing red crescent above the same ant-symbol the Dopplecoop had on his playing card, the thing he's seeking. There are also two dates, 10/1 and 10/2.

Episode 9 was a quite a trail of misdirection and red herring. As soon as we heard the episode title 'This is the Chair' we were all speculating what the chair was going to be. 
It was never about the chair. Which leads us to the chair. A different chair. Even then, despite the title of the part, it's not about the chair. It's about what's in the chair. Just like it's not about the bunny - is it about the bunny? - it's about a place named after a bunny. 
There is a lot of repetition in the new series. The episode where Hawk finds the letter because of the rolling coin, had a spinning coin earlier. The same episode had started with the two Horne brothers and went on straight to the two Truman brothers. Two nearly identical  similar women appeared in the pink room in episode 3. The scene where the red car drives past dougies house is followed by the black car shot from exactly the same POV. Dougie repeats everything other people say, and of course in terms of repetition you have the dopplegangers.
It seems important that the other piece of paper attached to the cryptic note, ,which is a callback to the famous 'The owls are not what they seem' episode of Season 2. There seems to be a deliberate obscuration of the Cooper's for Hawks note 'Two Cooper's' when we know from the original scene that Cooper was written three times. Perhaps this mirrors the triad of Dougie, Mr C and original Cooper:
In Major Brigg's vision of the white lodge in Season Two he says : "In my vision I was on the veranda of a vast estate, a palazzo of some fantastic proportion. There seemed to emanate from it a light, from within this gleaming, radiant marble. I had known this place. I had, in fact, been born and raised there, and this was my first return—a reunion with the deepest wellsprings of my being."

This seems perhaps to be tied to the Mauve zone and 'The Zone' as described by Phillip Hastings where he saw Major Briggs.

So whilst we are on the subject of Major Briggs and wherever he went before he died, it seems worthwhile examining the possibility of alternate timelines in the new season as well as these alternate realities.
Truman and the gang get a note from Briggs telling them to go to a special location on 10/1 and 10/2. Truman says "that's two days from now", meaning their scene takes place on 9/29.
In prison we see William Hastings sign and date a picture with 9/29

Hastings states that he is 43 to Tammy. We’d previously been told somewhere that his birthdate was Aug 15 1973, placing that interview somewhere after Aug 15 2016.  Banker boxes in the Las Vegas police station were also seen labeled Jan 2015 thru Mar 2015, definitely nixing any ideas about the timeline being in 2014.
Here’s a list of some of the dates we know and/or can derive. This is by no means intended to be a complete list:

Date                Day     Event
16 Sep, 2016   Fri        Date on “Congressman’s Dilemna” evidence (9/16)
19 Sep, 2016   Mon     Date on Briggs’ morgue drawer (9/19, est. date of death?)
21 Sep, 2016   Weds   Mr C fingerprint sheet (9/21, date of arrest?)
22 Sep, 2016   Thurs   Bill and Ruth brought back military coordinates to Briggs (last Thurs)
22 Sep, 2016   Thurs   Briggs dies / Ruth killed
24 Sep, 2016   Sat       Bill Hastings arrested / Phyllis Hastings killed (shot by Mr C)
25 Sep, 2016   Sun      Betty, Hastings’ secretary, dies in a car explosion
29 Sep, 2016   Thurs   Tammy interviews Hastings (9/29, signed on Briggs photo)
29 Sep, 2016   Thurs   Bobby opens Briggs’ message capsule (2 days before 10/1)

A couple more dates of interest that we’ve gotten a glimpse of:
  • The American Girl in the Mauve Zone had a watch that showed a date of “1”, weekday of “Sat”, and of course 2:53. Oct 1 2016 would be a Saturday. But that’s in the future for the events we are seeing in the “real” world!
  • Andy’s Rolex, shown while he is waiting on his meeting with the Farmer, shows a date of “10”. Assuming Andy knows how to operate his watch, this scene would either be way in the future or way in the past.
  • The searchforthezone website has its last updates in November, 2015. Presumably, Bill is arrested in September 2015.
    I think he's actually going to get to go free as there will be witnesses to Ruth's murder that exonerate him, and the events of the series will wrap up around the first week of October, 2015.
In Part 10, we had two more small bits of timeline evidence. The news channel in Las Vegas showed an “Extended Forecast” starting with a Thursday high of 110 and Thurs-Fri overnight low of 92.  This would line up with the 2016 timeline.
However, the postage on the letters Chad flipped through showed 49 cents [Source: u/Billiardly on r/twinpeaks]. Rates increased to 49 cents (from 46 cents) starting in Jan 2014, but they did go back down to 47 cents for a period from April 2016 to January 2017.  While it might not have been all that uncommon for folks to just keep using their purchased 49 cent stamps during that interval, the stamps we see clearly are actually Post Office cancelations, inked directly onto the envelopes (the other stamps look to be “Forever” stamps, but don’t quote me on that).  Personally, I don’t believe in accidental continuity errors on this show.  While we may have anchored Twin Peaks firmly on Sep 29, this might not be 2016.
Bobby Briggs and his past relationship with his father Major Briggs has become the emotional corner stone of the new series. I don't think there can be any mistake that the set up of 'The Chair' has strong paralells to set up of 'The waiting room' where Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer have all of their dream dialogue:
In the next scene in Episode 9 back at the morgue, Gordon Cole also notes 'The Waiting room' as Diane sits on another similarly arranged chair and curses 'It's a fucking morgue!'.
It also seems important to note in relation to 'The Chair' that when Major Briggs originally dissapears he is later seen on a throne covered in vines:
Surely this chair is also cryptically somehow related to 'The Chair', and it seems possible that Major  Briggs may have experienced similar visions of 'The Waiting room' that Agent Cooper experienced in his version of the chair. 

Given how important Briggs has become for the return, it might be worthwhile doing a little refresher on the character. I recommend this character video:
Alright, So obviously we won't know what lies beyond Jack Rabbit's palace until the Bookhouse boys venture out there, so the device retrieved from the chair is a bit of a dead end right now.
However I think it's worth interjecting with one other chair reference before leaving this theme. In Fire Walk With me, during the missing pieces scenes Laura and Bobby are downstairs in the Briggs household. It's not clear if this is the same house that Betty Briggs is living now...
In any case, what is interesting is that during these scenes Garland is reading from the bible and sitting in a chair. The passages he is reading are from 'Revelations' and are in fact quite near to the famous passage which reference a 'White horse'. The White horse has always been a strong motif, and has only become more so. Sarah Palmer has a vision of a white horse before both Madeline Ferguson and Laura Palmer die, Cooper sees a white horse in the waiting room in Season 3 after talking with an older Laura Palmer. Then of course there is the poem 'The horse is the white of the eyes. And dark within.'

Another interesting point of examination in these scenes. Not only is Major Briggs reading from the bible in his chair. But also not long after this Bobby and Laura go out to the woods to buy more cocaine...
Given how these new 'Jack rabbit's palace' scenes focus on the relationship between Bobby and his father, and Brigg's vision that Bobby would make something of himself, the powerful symbolism cannot be denied.

Bobby seems to have totally cleaned up his act and become a respectable officer of the law, however it also seems clear that Bobby harbours a very dark secret, which he has not yet shared with anyone.
The scene where Bobby kills the corrupt cop from Deer Meadow is a powerful scene, and Lynch obviously chose to revisit it for thematic reasons. It seems clear that Lynch had long desired to play around with this idea, and I think that this event will eventually come to light as extremely important for Season 3.
Murder, wether or not it is self defence is a pretty severe crime, and one that doesn't contain any small amount of weight. It seems inevitable that this moment will sometime come back to haunt Bobby, or at the very least he will have to make a full confession on the matter.
There is a child like quality of exploration to these scenes, as Frost and Lynch seem to be visiting their own childhood and reflecting on the often uncredited magic of parents to create a world of comfort and joy for their children.
Ok. That's all I really have to say on the 'Jack Rabbit's Palace' mystery for now. I'm going to look at some other aspects of Episode 9, but first I just want to return to the subject of 'The book of the key and the lock' really quickly. It's just crazy to me the trail of synchronicities which have led to this moment for me, as I have explained in previous blogs, something really bizarre has happened with my friend Mina, she seems to have dissapeared and she may have been kidnapped. At least that was my working theory, except a recent text message from an unknown number leads me to believe she might be ok after all. The message said 'I'm ok. Watch out for 'the society'. M'
I can't prove it's Mina, but i'm really hoping it is, because I have been worried sick about her, and I guess this would indicate that maybe she is paranoid about somebody being after her, and maybe hiding out somewhere.

Anyway, this is all tied to this mystery, because Mina made me borrow this book called 'The Doorway to Saturn' , in which she had highlighted these bizarre passages, including:

"Everyone of us has inside us the gold core of enlightenment, and the opportunity to become the actualised self, the ubermencsh, the ultimate human form. Every man, woman and child is a star, and only by opening the gateway to darkness can we illuminate the world with our own light."

"When the stars are right -- the gateway shall be revealed and the opener of the way shall call to his flock"

"Paint the player symbol in the mirror to begin"

"To get to level 2 you must find the silver key"

"To get to level 3 you must find the book of the key and the lock"

"On the new moon, the gradient rises to the South and all that was old shall be new again. Hold the map in your hand and never forget the star quest that shall bring you to the gateway. On Saturnalia the doorway shall open and the symbols align that the seeker may find what they seek."
So yeah... pretty bizarre to say the least. I've done my own research, and whoever has inserted the data into 'The Search for the Zone website' has been at this same game before. I know because I tracked down these old forum posts which show that the clue 'TO GET TO LEVEL 3 YOU MUST FIND THE BOOK OF THE KEY AND THE LOCK' has been inserted into other puzzle websites including; the Donnie Darko Promo website,, and some other puzzle art project websites.

It seems to be orchestrated by this occult group, and if you want to read up on it, I can recommend these links:

I've got a lot more to say about all of this stuff, but right now I have to stay focussed on this recap/speculation thread. So let's go on a journey to....


So in episode 9 we follow a filthy Mr C as he walks towards 'The Farm'. This whole scene had really strong Tarantino vibes for me, not least because it starred Hateful 8 co stars Tim Roth and Jenniffer Jason Leigh. But I think just the tone of it, the hideout, the criminals stashing guns, the double dealing and betrayal all felt more in the world of a Tarantino movie than Twin Peaks (In a fantastic way of course, I absolutely loved these scenes).

Now, of course we don't know for certain that this is 'The farm' which has been mentioned in previous episodes or if it is just 'a farm'. However I think the clues are pretty good to suggest this is the case, as in Episode 8 before Ray betrays Mr C - Cooper says 'You probably want to go to that place they call 'the farm'.' Then just before Ray stops to take a piss Mr C says 'pull up here we are almost there'. Then after being shot Mr C was obviously within walking distance from this place, so i'd say it seems pretty logical that this is indeed 'The farm'.
I found it very interesting that the owners of the farm were kept hidden from us. Mr C asks 'Who owns this establishment' and Chantal replies 'They're sleeping out back'.

There's some interesting speculation about 'the farm' in this thread:

Some disagree that this is 'The farm' and think that the farm might be Bueller's place, or it might be  a reference to 'Dead Dog's farm' from the original run:

The owners of the farm appear to be murdered by Hutch, and Mr C knows little about the place so it is feesible this isn't 'the farm'.
Looks like were going to be seeing more of Hutch anyway. In an interview awhile ago, Tim Roth mentioned he had asked Lynch if he could have additional scenes, so Lynch gave him some apparently. I like this character so i'm quite happy about this.

Mr C's appeal to Hutch is interesting; 'I want you to kill the warden within two days. Then I've got a double header for you in Vegas'
Presumably he's going to get Hutch to take out Duncan Todd and Ike the Spike?

They’re a wild pair, the Hutchens couple. Cooper can count on them for anything. They stitched up his wounds. They get him a new car, some guns. Chantal gave him a kiss, and then gave him some Cheetos. He told Hutch, “Kill this phone,” and Hutch shot the phone with a shotgun.

Before Hutch killed his phone, Cooper had two final messages to deliver. He sent a text message: “Around the dinner table the conversation is lively.” And he made a phone call to Duncan Todd, once and for all confirming (apparently) that Todd’s been working for Mr. Cooper all along.
“Did you do it?” asked Mr. Cooper.
“Not yet,” Todd said.

“Better be done next time I call.”
Alright. So i'm going to intermingle some of this speculation about the hierarchy of villains, who's good, who's bad, who's linked to the white lodge, who's linked to the black lodge with Episode 10. It seems pointless to examine the episodes separately so i'll just mention everything we know so far

We got some heavy exposition of inter-relationships in Episode's 9 and 10, mixed with the usual light hearted Twin Peaks side story. Candy was definitely a highlight for me personally. There's some fascinating speculation about Candy representing the viewer reaction :

But what we really got here, was an almost full fleshing out of the hierarchy of heroes and villains in Season 3. So let's spend some time cutting this up and examining the more finite plot points.

In another nod back to Episode 6, we caught up with the Mitchum Brothers in Vegas. After much hysteria is caused by one of their Stepford Showgirls, Candy, mistakenly smacking Rodney Mitchum in the face with a remote control, the gangster siblings spy a news report on Dougie Jones’ brush with Ike the Spike. After the erstwhile Mr. Jackpots relieved them of over 400 G’s from their casino, the Mitchum’s ire was already burning in regards to Dougie/Dale but this was increased considerably later in the episode.

It turns out that the insurance fraud Dougie/Dale had unwittingly uncovered was to do with an “arson” case at one of the Mitchums buildings which Anthony Sinclair (Michael Sizemore) was illicitly trying to push through for the tune of $30 million at Lucky 7 Insurance

Anthony Sinclair has been charged with the task of eliminating Dougie by Duncan Todd after Ike the Spike is likely to be indefinitely detained from assassination duties thanks to his recent arrest. So, Sinclair insinuates to the brothers that Dougie is carrying out an expsensive vendetta against them and they begin to put a plan in motion to take revenge on Dougie/Dale.

So now we know that Tony works for Duncan Todd, who in turn works for evil Cooper. But when we first see Tony, he seems very friendly towards Dougie and tells him he covered for him (whatever that was). So what if Tony was hired to keep an eye on Dougie and help him whenever it was required, unless ordered otherwise? Now when Dougie has fulfilled his purpose, and Cooper has to go for his doppelgänger to stay, Tony gets new orders.

One thing is clear - Mr C clearly knows about Douglas Jones and is orchestrating the hits

Dopplecoop calling Duncan Todd really throws a big wrench in my previous belief that Duncan Todd was working for Jefferies.

One pertinent questions seems to be, if Mr C knows about Dougie, why doesn't he just do the job himself? Would the two Coopers seeing each other result in some kind of twilight zone atomic meltdown?
As the detectives Fusco close in on Dougie Jones, and Gordon's blue rose division unravel the Hastings murder in connection to Agent Cooper, it seems like the bad guys are still way ahead of the game at this point.
Alright, so right as i'm posting this i've been attacked on reddit for apparently trolling everyone regarding the 'Book of the lock and the key' message:

I'm waiting for an update from Aaron, but frankly there's some hostility being directed at me, and I have no idea where it's coming from. I'm 95 percent sure this is legit, but even if it's not, then it certainly is not a deception from my end. Not much I can do until Aaron and Jake reply to me, in the meantime just going to carry on as normal. Stopping responding in response to that thread, because its getting extremely hostile, especially one user u/fleshisflawed has sent me like ten messages personally attacking me, so i'm out, frankly. Don't have to put up with that shit.
Alright... so let's go over some facts:

1) Dopplecoop "hired" Las Vegas businessman and underworld criminal Duncan Todd to kill Dougie because, as MIKE said, "One of you must die." Todd has contacted three separate people to kill Dougie.
A. Lorraine - "the worried woman". She in turn hired two henchmen (one named Gene) to shoot Dougie as he was leaving Jade. They also planted a bomb in Dougie's car. They failed to get a good shot at Dougie, and an unrelated set of car thieves triggered the bomb. After worrying about the unsuccessful murder attempts it appears that she texts the "Jeffries-Box" in Argentina. Her failure to kill Dougie led to Todd hiring:
B. Ike the Spike, who broke his weapon of choice in the process of murdering Lorraine (to punish her and maybe get rid of evidence). He then unsuccessfully attempted to murder Dougie, who tore his palm off. He was later arrested by Detectives Fusco. It is later revealed that the Mitchum brothers independently wanted to kill Ike for unknown reasons. Todd then contacted:
C. Anthony Sinclair, an agent at Lucky 7 Insurance. Earlier, through Dougie's "work" and Bushnell Mullins' reactions, we discover that Sinclair is corrupt and had manipulated a claim investigation in order to cover up arson (working with unseen inspectors Loomis and Stockton). In S3E10 we discover that Sinclair has repeatedly manipulated insurance claims for Todd. In particular, Todd and Sinclair "conspired to deny" a $30 million payout to Todd's business/criminal rivals, the casino-owning Mitchum Brothers (this claim is separate from the claim that Dougie initially responded to; that claim involved covering up arson, this claim involved denying a possibly legitimate claim). Todd requests that Sinclair pin the blame on Dougie, with the hope that the Mitchum Brothers will murder Dougie, but with the caveat that if they don't, Sinclair must do it himself.
2) Separately, and completely coincidentally, the Mitchum Brothers were already looking to kill Dougie for his lodge-enabled casino winnings of $425,000. These winnings, however, lend credence to Sinclair's claim that Dougie has a personal vendetta against them.
3) Also separately, Dougie's gambling and maybe also his prostitution habit led him to take out a $20,000 loan with apparently some low-level thugs. It's not clear if these thugs took any action aside from blackmail (taking pictures of Dougie with Jade) and threatening phone calls, or if they were working with anyone else. Janey-E settled the payment with Dougie's casino winnings.
Deputy Chad is covering for Richard Horne, who is working for Red to deliver the sparkle aross the border. Miriam may have also been working for Red. We don't know who Red works for yet, but he has some connection to Shelley.
  1. The assassination attempts on Dougie are humorously "overdetermined". Early in the timeline, there were 4 distinct groups of criminals after him or his property at the same time (the car thieves, the loan sharks, Lorraine's goons, and the Mitchum Brothers). There are so many people trying to kill Dougie that he is constantly saved by coincidence, lodge spirits, timing, residual instinct, and the incompetence of his killers.
  2. If I were the Mitchum Brothers, I would think long and hard about why Ike the Spike, presumably a favored hitmen of their rivals, was hired to kill Dougie Jones.
The Las Vegas plot is like a noir about mistaken identity, revolving around Dougie Jones and Cooper's switch. The FBI investigation/Mr. C's story is a supernatural conspiracy film unraveling the the interactions between Mr. C, Briggs, and Jeffries; and the Twin Peaks investigation is something of a bridge between the two, reinforcing Cooper's disappearance and the supernatural/criminal aspects of the town since.

Found it interesting that Ike is trying to contact "J.T." The only person who seems to make sense so far is Jake, one of the two hitmen after Cooper initially, who was going to shoot him as he left Rancho Rosa. Could be someone else though.
Alright, so let's take a closer look at how our blue rose Agents fit in with the criminal underworld. Obviously we know that Agent Jeffries and Cooper have gone to the dark side, now we also suspect Diane,... maybe even Cole and Albert?

I thought this was an interesting analysis of Cooper's doppleganger as Saturnine in character:

We know that Mr C is funding a lot of the assasins, but we don't yet know for certain who the anonymous billionaire is in Manhattan. We also can't be certain that Lorraine and others also have been paid off by Jeffries. Lorraine interacts with the curious device in Argentina. We know that Ray and Daria were definitely working for the supposed Jeffries, though we are yet to see proof Jeffries is who he says he is. Phillip Jeffries voice on the phone sounds more like Ray to me, however Ray talking to him in Episode 8 seems to disprove this. Some have speculated that the red box on Cole's desk in episode 10 is a voice modifier and that Cole is the one pretending to be Jeffries.

Alright, so I have postulated many times before in this blog that we are going to see Windom Earle in this series. Let's recap all the clues we've had so far; there is a bonsai tree in the anonymous billionaires apartment, Windom Earle famously bugged a bonsai tree in the Twin Peaks Sherrif Department. Doppleganger Cooper and Windom Earle share a similar MO, and we know for certain the doppleganger isn't Bob, but only 'with bob'. When Mr C escapes Cole says 'Cooper flew the coup'  which is a direct reference to the line about Windom Earle escaping in the original run 'You're old partner flew the Coup, Coop.' The windom Earle theme has appeared mysteriously in the new season, particularly strange for a season which seems to shy away from Badalamenti. The theme plays when Diane receives the message 'AROUND THE DINNER TABLE THE CONVERSATION IS LIVELY', then to mirror this the Windom Earle theme is also playing in the RR diner when 'Bing' has his brief cameo.

If you watch over season 2  the way Cooper describes Windom Earle is very similar to how we see evil Cooper in season 3. Cold, hard, calculating, leaves no mistakes, every move is rational, precise, like a machine. His mind is like a diamond in how precise and cold it is. In ‘My Life. My tapes’ Windom’s murders are gruesome and violent, non sexual, much like the murders in the third season.

He describes him leaving the institution, after telling Harry about the "baggage" he brought to Twin Peaks. Windom Earl's actions don't mirror that of evil Coop, at least not in the terrible violent nature of his crimes (like the first pawn and how he looked tied up to the elk at the Sheriff's Department). Nor does his impassioned manner of speaking, his almost panicked drive to get to the lodge to assume power, this doesn't match evil Coop either.
However, the drive for power, the cold hard calculating nature of Coop, the genius, the precision, the machine-like nature of thought and action... These DO match up with evil Coop. 

It seems interesting that they both have such similar traits and are both so wrapped up with the Black Lodge. Like they're the ideal vessels as opposed to some other vessels who were merely there for pain and sorrow. These are sharply honed instruments, evil Cooper being the most finely honed, for Bob and his machinations. There is a theory that Windom Earle’s soul and Cooper’s doppleganger occupy the same space in Mr C, constructed and manipulated by Bob.
Now this may turn out to be bullshit, but who is the man we see talking to Coop inside the cube? Could it possibly be Kenneth Welsh? He does look a lot more bald and square headed these days:
It also resembles Beverly's husband.
Not to mention the Heinlen guy on the search for the zone website.
Not enough proof for you of some Windom Earle action? Well remember the previous speculation about the secret code hidden in the glare on Gordon Cole's Jet?
Well, some clever psycho's have found that the pattern almost precisely matches the Windom Earle theme:

Holy shit!

There is definitely something going on with these blue rose Agents. At the start of the season we all presumed that Agent Cooper's doppleganger was the most evil force to be reckoned with, perhaps along with Bob. Now it's becoming clear that Dopple Coop isn't all he's cracked up to be, not if he can be tricked by a two-bit villain like Ray. In fact, in retrospect Mr C is shining up to be a mega fuck up.
Maybe Mr C was doing fine for the last 25 years, and has only just recently started to slip up because of his low level garmonbozia. But looking at his list of failures Mr C is sure not all he's cracked up to be:

1) Daria and Ray were both in on a plot to assassinate him.
2) His buddy Phillip wants him dead.
3) Ray never gave him the coordinates.
4) He is tricked by Ray and shot in the gut.
5) Bob is stolen from him.
6) He is unable to fool Cole, Albert, Tammy, and Diane.
7) He missed something big in New York.
8) He can't seem to get ahold of Mother.
9) He hired Lorraine, the two hit men with guns, and Ike, and they were all unable to stop man/child Dougie/Coop.
10) Ray steals his car.
11) His Dougie plan didn't work. Now one of them has to die.
12) The man can't handle his garmonbozia.
I'm really interested to learn more about what Mr C has done in the last 25 years, and I guess that may be filled in Mark Frost's 'The Final Dossier':

I found it interesting on a rewatch that Mr C's house in Rio belonged to some girl in Ipanema .
 Alright let's look at the evidence against Gordon Cole--
1)Everything that is happening to the Blue Rose Agents is happening on his watch.
2) There seems to be a lot of secrecy regarding the disappeared agents, which Cole has known about for a long time
3) In 'TSHOTP' even Tammy is suspicious of Cole's involvement
4) The extend of Cole's involvement includes him knowing about the government facility in Twin Peaks, collaborating with Milford and Briggs yet not mentioning this stuff at all after the discovery of Briggs' body.
5) Cole ordered Warden Murphy to let Mr C to have his private phone call which subsequently resulted in Mr C freeing himself from prison
6) During the interview with Mr C Cole and Mr C exchange backwards speaking codes with each other
7) Cole drives a buick roadmaster, the same car Mr C drives, and Milford as mentioned in TSHOTP.
In a strange event Cole's car screeches to a halt as Albert yells 'Car sick' in symmetry to the scene where Mr C is car sick in his own Buick whilst he is supposed to be pulled into the Black Lodge
 There are a lot of theories floating around about Gordon Cole knowing more than we think about the supernatural goings on in Twin Peaks and beyond, which made this part of The Secret History of Twin Peaks, written by Tamara Preston, stick out.
"Twenty years into a distinguished career, Jeffries disappeared without a trace while on assignment in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1987. I also came across a vague reference in a bureau log from that period to Jeffries making a sudden appearance in 1989—apparently in Philadelphia—followed by another disappearance which continues to this day. To dig deeper I need to requisition reports that are currently classified beyond my reach in the deputy director's files. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to be able to show this to anyone without getting fired."
 The deputy director being, of course, Gordon Cole.
This seems to imply that Cole knows something about Jeffries' disappearance, but is keeping the details hidden away in his personal files for some reason.
In the same section of the book, on page 311, Cole and Jeffries apparently cover up the true purpose of a military installation called 'Listening Post Alpha' on Blue Pine Mountain, which was commanded by none other than Garland Briggs.
I'm not sure what this means, but it raises some interesting questions about Cole's role in all this, and about what happened to Jeffries. 
 The book also refers to Project Blue Book and Blue Rose as parallel operations regarding the paranormal, so there is definitely a desire on both ends to make sure neither is outed.
Gordon Cole knows way more than he's letting on, I'm unsure of just how much he knows about the Lodges, but I am confident he knows enough to not doubt a single piece of corroborating information regarding dimensions, aliens and the occult. I think this is evidenced by Jeffries returning to Cole in FWWM, the only person he needed to get information too in his brief return.
I also wouldn't be at all surprised if Jeffries "disappearance" was driven by another deep cover government operation recruiting him and getting him yrev, very deep in to the central mystery. The fact that Cole didn't create the biggest fucking task force in history to find Jeffries, before and especially after his reappearance would lead me to believe that his disappearance was not only sanctioned by Cole himself, but that it may have been part of the plan the entire time.
 Cole has the nuclear blast poster framed in this office, he was Nixon's man at the FBI, he runs the Blue Rose file, and he covered for LPA. This dude is the definition of the deep state. Cole's role in this is that of custodian, he protects this file and investigates it with almost no outside knowledge or input, he lost Chet Desmond and hardly batted an eyelash, likely because he had recently gone through this with Jeffries -- Coop goes missing and he doesn't implement a nationwide man hunt? Those are the actions of a man who knows how dangerous his work is, soldiers are expendable when the stakes are sky high -- Cole is doing his job, he's knows just enough about everything to be dangerous, and he knows the most dangerous parts of the Blue Rose cases are the unknowns.
Cole holds the answers, or, if nothing else, he has a good idea of what the right questions are. Looks like i'm not the only one suspicious of Cole:
 [S3E16] Who is with me on the Evil Cole train? (self.twinpeaks)

submitted 2 days ago by Spam00r
Ok I'm going all in and betting that Cole will be revealed as the evil Witchmaster of the Black Lodge.
At least I would think that would be a cool plot direction I would like to see.
There are already some indications (Corn, Nukes, Venus...) that Cole is aware of the Lodges.
His drawing in ep. 10 apparently hints at BOB's scene from season 2.
He has already wasted 3 agents on the Lodge and sits calmly in his Office wasting tax payers money and blowing Rammstein.
Now that's what I call evil.
Theory: Bad Cooper is the “anonymous billionaire” funding the NYC Glass Box project
Analysis: The image placing Bad Cooper at the Glass Box certainly means he was involved with the project in some manner, either funding it, building it or both. The Mystery Voice said he was missed in New York, and we really only have this one New York location that has been revealed on the show thus far.  Bad Cooper seems to have endless funding for his team’s expenses, like puppies, biscuits, and a lifetime supply of Cheetos.  He also has multiple cars stashed in different locations, expensive homes in tropical locations, and money to pay for multiple inept hit men in Las Vegas.  There’s also his use of magic tech that would seem to connect him to whatever combination of magic and technology is in use at the Glass Box.
The other person in that photo is a bald man in a lab coat. Probably Lynch being a bit blunt that this guy in the scientist behind the Glass Box.  Many are betting that this is Heinrich Viegel, mentioned as a co-author of Hastings’ “Search for the Zone” blog.  It is probably not coincidental that Dougie Jones was manufactured in 1997 *and* Hastings started his blog in 1997.  If Bad Cooper is responsible for the one, he may have also got the ball rolling on the other.
While we can’t be sure yet who this other character is, we have a good guess as to the actor. It looks a lot like actor Derek Mears, who is one of the announced cast members but has not yet been seen.  [Source: Steve Brumwell, “Twin Peaks (2017)” FB group] 


It seems important to note that Diane knows what a 'blue rose' case is. She has prior knowledge of this, evidently from working with Cooper, who investigated the blue rose cases: Teresa Banks and Laura Palmer

So what to make of Diane apparently being in contact with Dopplecoop, giving him information on Hastings and "the site"? I've seen some people conclude that this makes her unequivocally a double agent, which doesn't make sense to me.
Rewatch the scene in episode 7. Diane insists that she talk to Dopplecoop alone. She has no reason to fake anything in that scene, but she's clearly deeply disturbed by what she sees and leaves in a panic. Remember, this is the show that slipped the "yrev" into Dopplecoop's conversation with Gordon - every detail is deliberate. There is no indication that Diane has had any contact with him, any knowledge of what he is, or any inclination to work with him.

So what changed? Why does Gordon sense something wrong when she hugs him? Upon rewatch, his discomfort is clear, though I originally thought he was just awkward and unsure of how to help her.
One theory is that Dopplecoop somehow programmed her as a sleeper agent without her awareness. I'm thinking he said something during that conversation that triggered some kind of mind control so that she would feed him information (alternately, the "conversation is lively" text was that trigger, though it wouldn't explain why she was so anxiously checking her phone for it). If he did something to her mind, it would explain her alcoholism (to cope with the trauma), and maybe even her wig (if the procedure involved literally altering her brain she might have scars on her scalp). Maybe whatever he did to turn her into a sleeper agent was the traumatic event that happened "that night" at her house.

This was the only time Gordon and Diane hugged was outside the prison after she spoke to Mr. C? I always thought it was odd how he didn't fully wrap his hands around her. Maybe his squeezing her shoulder on the plane in e09 was also a way for him to tell there was something wrong with her

I'm wondering what if the line "AROUND THE DINNER TABLE, THE CONVERSATION IS LIVELY" it's the reference to Fire Walk with Me, the Lodge disccussion MFAP with BOB ?

That awkward hug from Gordon was indeed an indicator that he was on to Diane being in cahoots with Bad Cooper. Now we learn that not only did Diane understand Bad Cooper’s cryptic message, she has even now replied back to him with information on what the FBI cohort is up to.  It doesn’t look good.
All of this makes me wonder if she wasn’t also the recipient for the “cow jumped over the moon” message, maybe as a tip off that the FBI would be calling on her soon. We never saw Warden Murphy give Gordon the scoop on Bad Cooper’s magic phone call (Murphy might be inclined to “forget” to mention it, but Gordon is not going to forget to ask).  Hopefully we’ll get a call back to that eventually, same as happened with the New York memory card images.
(Yes, I know everyone thinks that call signaled the Argentina box to self-destruct, or whatever it did. But if Loraine primed it with her page, how would Bad Cooper know he needed to call it with the second signal?  I think we were just shown a continuation scene that happened to fall after the prison phone call scene.)

Not convinced? Consider this.  Diane’s color scheme sitting on the morgue waiting room couch, where she got the text message, is white (hair), green (clothes) and red (shoes).  The same color scheme of Richard Horne’s piece of crap car.  Uh oh.
Presuming that Diane’s information is good, Team FBI is apparently adding Hastings to their roster and about to go off looking for “the Zone”. Perhaps the Buckhorn and Twin Peaks story lines do not converge in Twin Peaks, but rather in the Red Room / Black Lodge.  Maybe the Las Vegas story line as well, if it is some form of dream world and Good Cooper is actually still trapped in the Black Lodge.  That would be a twist.

Theory: Albert is working for Team Doppelganger

Analysis: Speaking of serious twists, there’s more to consider this week supporting the theory that Albert may be one of the bad guys as well. Remember, this idea started with the phone call Bad Cooper made to someone he thought was Jeffries, but turned out to be someone else.  From the context of what was said, the Mystery Voice would seem to be MIKE.  But whose body is MIKE inhabiting these days?  Many think that voice sounded like Albert.  Not much to go on, but now we have had a few weird things happen around Albert that are starting to arouse more suspicion.
The big one in Part 10 was the vision of Laura crying that Gordon saw at his hotel door. When it cleared, Albert was standing there.  While that in itself is not necessarily damning, it is interesting that Gordon did not tell Albert what just happened, he kept it to himself.  Is Gordon purposely keeping information from Albert?  In the blue scene at the airport, when Albert confesses that he gave Jeffries information that may have aided Bad Cooper, Gordon laments and says “Albert” three times.  Was he feeling something wrong in Albert, same has he did in Diane later?
In Part 9, many were hanging on to the discrepancies in the “dinner table” text message as evidence that Diane was not directly working for Bad Cooper, at least not to her knowledge. The message Bad Cooper sent was in all lower case and had no punctuation, whereas the one Diane received was in all caps and had punctuation.  I initially wrote that off as just an effect of Bad Cooper’s techno magic.  But consider also that his phone showed page 2 of 2, meaning there is potentially another page 1 of 2 to that message we did not see.  A lead-in that might have been, for instance, instructions to some middle man to send Diane the following message, and then that middle man modified the message as he or she relayed it to Diane’s phone.

If Bad Cooper has one mole inside the FBI team, he could have two.  Maybe Diane is there to distract Gordon from scrutinizing Albert too much even.  Though maybe Gordon knows more than he’s letting on and is also using Diane, either with or without her knowledge, to hook the bigger fish, Albert.
Gordon and Albert have been the Cooper and Harry of this season, it’s just so hard to believe Frost and Lynch would utterly annihilate that dynamic just for a good “gotcha” moment. And now with Albert even finding a love interest in Constance, the Buckhorn coroner?
Apologies in advance for Albert

Now what the hell is up with those girls at the end of Episode 9?
Could it be related to drugs?

The conversation between the girls at the end referencing zoo animals being present. Perhaps this is what users of Red's designer drug Sparkle are able to "access" through their high. "You know, that zebra's out again.." is met with laughter. "Have you seen that penguin? You know, the penguin." They both laugh. Seems like they've been seeing something around while under the influence of the drugs. Would make Red's presence in town a bit more sinister if the drug was a sort of hallucinogenic alternate reality-entering rash-causing drug, plus could explain Jerry accidentally getting some Sparkle-spiked weed and freaking out in the woods and seeing things.
Snacking on the local mushrooms Jerry?
Absolutely no idea on that one. Ok..
Time for my fortnightly recap of how 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks' fits into the new developments of Season 3:

Peter Peppers is doing a great job of analysing the progression of how the new season fits with the season 3 developments. I highly recommend his vlog, and thanks for helping with my own research:

This list of wikipedia references related to TSHOTP is also extremely helpful to researchers:

The opening memo by Gordon Cole and it mentions that the dossier was recovered from a crime scene in 2016 and yet the events of Season Three seem to be taking place in 2014.
BUT... in the footnotes by TP (Tamara Preston) she mentions that she doesn't know the whereabouts of Briggs or Cooper -- which she obviously does as displayed by the events in Season Three...
So we still have a lot of confusion over when this dossier is going to be found
I thought this speculation about 'Blue-rose' mimicking the blue and red themes as very interesting:

People are starting to draw some interesting conclusions about how the black box may tie into the secret history, particularly Nixon taking Milford and the celebrity (in a black Sedan) to the secret room and showed the following...
“long wooden console and chairs faced a window that ran the length of the room and was currently obscured by a shade.”
“We were looking into a very dimly lit room that appeared to be empty. Then, in roughly the center of the room, I realized a shape, small and pale, appeared to be sitting or squatting, turned away from us, showing only a grayish-greenish-white spiny back. Then it disappeared entirely. Moments later it reappeared, as if a concealing shadow––or a magician’s cape––had simply passed over it. But it hadn’t moved and I still couldn’t tell if it was inert or animated.”
“Then it turned to look our way through the window––it seemed to me likely that it was one-way glass, mirrored on the interior side––and for a brief moment the shape of its face was visible.”
So, is this the box in NYC that brought out Mother? I thought so, then the physical description of what he saw doesn't add up (no mention of horns)... Thoughts?
“I wasn’t entirely sure of what I saw, beyond a vivid impression of large oval black eyes, pinched to the point of nonexistent mouth and nose, and a smooth bulbous head. Then it was gone”
Perhaps, in addition to the electric equipment surrounding the box, the cameras and the "watching" of Sam and the first guy also acted as the candle. I don't really know how to put it into words, other than that the demon now draws it's power from modern technology and the idea of a watcher or audience. I'm just brainstorming too here. But maybe Bob was the evil release from the bomb, but he is "old technology", and is running weak. Hence the Woodsman in present day not as strong as in 1945.
Also how about this. GoodCoop goes through the 3 socket and lands in Dougie's place. This is fairly definite it was DoppleCoop's plan. He went through the socket (whether it had been 15 or 3) because he ended up the mauve zone.

So DoppleCoop must've know, at the very least, that GoodCoop would exit into Dougie's place "somehow".
Now because there's really no way, so far, to gauge time in the Red Room, we can only assume when the evolution of the arm says "go now", it's because right then is the chance for the two Coops to switch. However, the Red Room suddenly gets all screwy because the box is "powering up" and creating non-existent portal. And the evolution of the arm, who by the way seemingly is trying to make sure DoppleCoop (and Bob) will return), has a doppelgänger of it's own that stops GoodCoop.

This leads to box turning on and creating the new portal, which GoodCoop gets pulled through and then spit out into non-existence (the Abyss).

I think Bob, slightly controlling DoppleCoop, arranged the box. DoppelCoop perhaps has all of the nefarious precision, without any moral conscience. And with Bob's magic, he could mastermind the whole thing. He would've had 25 years to do so.
Alright, so i'm going to move on to Episode 10 soon, and tie up these theories.

Very excited about Episode 11 this week, but I can't believe this whole fiasco with 'The Search for the zone'. Tempted to take down the info here, because I have received a lot of flack over it.

Just want to finalise some thoughts about the black lodge and how that ties in to everything.
Here's some interesting evidence that Mark Frost was indeed inspired by Kenneth Grant's 'The Muave Zone' in the creation of the purple zone we see in Episode Three:
Also thought this correlation someone made between Cooper and the Giant was very interesting:
Also the linkage between the woodsmen and Mullholland drive is very interesting:
Its funny how everyone is becoming a suspect again. Now people are even suspecting Lucy of being tied to Duncan Todd and the black lodge:
Alright. Episode ten 'LAURA IS THE ONE'

Alright so obviously first we need to discuss the log lady's titular comment:

“Hawk…electricity is humming. You hear it in the mountains and rivers. You see it dance among the seas and stars, and glowing around the moon. But in these days, the glow is dying. What will be in the darkness that remains?

The Truman brothers are both “true men”; they are your brothers. And the others – the good ones who have been with you…now the circle is almost complete.

Watch and listen to the dream of time…and space. It all comes out now, flowing like a river. That which is and is not.


Laura is the one.”

What a weird scene, and provides such a strange context to the whole show.

There’s a definite parallel to the log lady intro from the pilot:
"Welcome to Twin Peaks. My name is Margaret Lanterman. I live in Twin Peaks. I am known as the Log Lady. There is a story behind that. There are many stories in Twin Peaks - some of them are sad, some funny. Some of them are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary. Yet they all have about them a sense of mystery - the mystery of life. Sometimes, the mystery of death. The mystery of the woods. The woods surrounding Twin Peaks.
To introduce this story, let me just say it encompasses the all - it is beyond the 'fire', though few would know that meaning. It is a story of many, but begins with one - and I knew her.

The one leading to the many is Laura Palmer. Laura is the one."
It’s interesting how in these log lady intro’s Margaret talks about the idea of multiple, not just two, Coopers, in the intro for S2E29.

"And now, an ending. Where there was once one, there are now two. Or were there always two? What is a reflection? A chance to see two? When there are chances for reflections, there can always be two - or more. Only when we are everywhere will there be just one."
Richard. What a bastard.
We pretty much got confirmation this episode that Richard is Audrey Horne's kid when Sylvia says that Ben Horne is Richard's grandfather:

Theory: Miriam was in on Richard Horne’s drug ring.

Analysis: Now sure, we all feel really bad for Miriam, the cute, pie-loving school teacher who was brutally assaulted and probably killed (though she was still breathing when we last saw her) by Richard Horne. But let’s review a few things we think we might know about Miriam.

Twin Peaks has a drug problem at the school. A student just recently died of an overdose in a classroom even.  Miriam is a teacher, though granted an elementary school teacher.  She has been recently leaving big tips at the RR Diner, more than she ought to.  She clearly knows Richard, not just knows of him.  She alone of all the witnesses was able to clearly identify him, and he apparently could also identify her.  Deputy Chad even knows her on a first name basis, when Richard relays to him why he has to intercept her letter.
Drama at the Fat Trout

At the Fat Trout trailer park, Becky's boyfriend, who is high as a kite and enraged, is terrorizing Becky (Shelly's daughter). He bitches that she doesn't make any money or clean up their shithole trailer. He also tells her not to act all innocent because he knows exactly what she did.

I know a lot of people have mentioned this about the Richard horne scenes. Lynch’s staging in this four-minute sequence made it feel like the director’s own version of Stanley Kubrick’s controversial rape scene in “A Clockwork Orange,” with a dash of Michael Haneke’s “Funny Games” thrown in for disturbing measure. The imagery alone of a wealthy, idyllic suburban home and its inhabitants being terrorized by a male sociopath recalls these movies, but it’s the way Lynch created his unnerving tone through camera shots that was most representative of Kubrick’s violent dysfunction.

If you go back and re-watch the infamous “Clockwork” scene, you’ll notice how Kubrick’s reliance on fixed camera positions and long stationary shots increases the level of uneasiness to the actions being depicted. 


In the trailer park, just before we see the shouting match going on between Steven and Rebecca, a red cup comes flying out the window, interrupting Carl's song and landing on the ground. The camera focuses on the cup for a moment, and when that happened I immediately thought of this shot from Inland Empire. It's from the scene in which Smithy is asking where the one they call the Phantom has gone. The person he's talking to just casually throws a red cup on the ground, and it lands perfectly upright. 

Also was anyone else rewarded by the pay off that Mark Frost tweeted WAY BACK in 2014 that we were going to see a coffee cup fly through a window and we finally got to see it!

This scene really bugged me on first viewing but looking back I actually find it very endearing.
What better way to get out of the black lodge than getting yourself laid eh Coop?

Many lol's:

Credit to:

Let's talk about poor old Johnny Horne...

I don't know if this is significant, but something which no one has mentioned from Fire Walk With Me -- two days before Laura Palmers death, it is Johnny Horne's birthday.
Johnny has always been one of the most intriguing characters IMO. I think he really "feels" or "senses" something more.

We didn't see much of him in the original run. We only know that he loves Indians and that he was involved in some kind of accident (fell down the stairs maybe??). He was always in a catatonic state, sitting still at the dinner table. The only time I remember him being upset was when Laura's body was discovered. If my memory doesn't fail me, Sylvia Horne tries to calm him down saying something like "Laura is not coming this afternoon!".
Besides, in the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, Laura writes that she feels a special connection with Johnny. The pair definitely love each other and Laura feels safe whenever she takes care of him. Here's an interesting excerpt: "Johnny is Audrey's brother, Benjamin's other child. Johnny is slow. He is older than I am, but has the mentality of a young child. That's what the doctors say at least. Sometimes I think he's just chosen to keep quiet because it is so much more interesting sometimes to just listen to people instead of talking to them. [...] In his eyes the world is a strange mix of happiness and pain, and I think I understand Johnny more than I do a lot of other people. Perhaps I could find a way to spend more time with him. He is so often left alone".

So, my question is: what if Johnny's behavior these last episodes was due to him "knowing" that Laura is coming back, whatever that means?

Then of course there is the touching love scene with Albert and Constance:
Nuff said.....
Ok forgive me if I begin to ramble at this point.
It's hard to keep a coherent train of thought with everything going on.. and with all the abuse im getting over this book of lock and key stuff.

Alright so some random thought. Stephen threatens Becky saying 'I know what you did'.
We have no context for this right now, but there has to be more going on here than we know about right now. Jesus. So many dicks in this show.
I don't know how to organise some thoughts i've had about earlier episodes, so just going to put them down as I think about them. When Doc Hayward appears on skype with Sherrif Truman he mentions that 'just the other day I diagnosed Mrs Beullers ....something?' Could this be the Bueller Mr C contacts to meet Darya and Ray?
The giant says remember 4:30. This is the time of the Teresa Banks autopsy. Two birds with one stone could relate to Teresa and Laura who were both killed by a blunt force to the back of the head?
Richard and Linda? We just saw Ricard kill Miriam, could he have also killed Linda? The wife of the man Carl Rodd was riding with?
Leland shows Laura her diary as he killed her, is this the missing page?
What is on the missing page?

Sam Stanley knew about the ring 'She's got the ring', but not about the blue rose cases? How does he know about it? Or he just talking about the ring missing in autopsy?
The ring has obviously come up several times in relation to unknown FBI cases
What about the ring placed under the Tremonds/Chalfonts trailer?

Leland didn't put the ring there. Did Mike put it there? He placed the ring in the train car? Was Mike also trying to save Teresa Banks like he tried to save Laura?
In the hotel in Bounos Aires Jeffries asks 'Do you have a Judy staying here?'
Also Teresa and Leland organised to meet at the 'Red Diamond Hotel'. Could these be related?

More quotes from Phillip Jeffries in the missing pieces have been troubling me:

“I’ve been to one of their meetings it was above a convenience store”
“I found something in Seattle at Judys, then there they were. They say quietly for hours”
 'The ring. The ring.'
Agent Cooper seems very surface level in the old seasons, yet in Fire Walk with me we see a very secretive side to Cooper:

Sam Stanley asks “Agent Desmond never did explain to me what the blue rose means”

and Cooper replies: 'neither will I '
Desmond's vehicle was graffitied 'lets rock'. But by who?

I can't stop thinking about this Book of the key and the lock... and Mina... God  I hope she's ok. How did I get myself in so deep?

I wonder who that ugly man with the worn face was I saw. I'm looking into this photography studio not far away from Maggie's brothel. The company that produced the pornography that Lucy was involved with seems to be linked to this company. It's so bizarre.
I recently emailed the false prophet email address

Haven't received a reply yet.

My god.. When are we going to see Audrey????????
I spoke to Lamarch again last week. I feel like he definitely knows more than he's letting on about 'The Cult of Saturn'. He was talking about someone called Aen Bfleck who was part of this group, i've got to look further into it.
Can't stop thinking about Sparkwood and 21 either.

Andy was supposed to meet the farmer there at 4:30. It's where Laura jumped off the bike before she was killed. It's also where Mike has the show down with Bob and yells 'The thread will be torn Mr Palmer!' And where Richard hits the kid with his truck.
Finding some profound hidden meaning in Laura's last diary entry aswell:

'I hate asparagus'

'does this mean I'll never grow up?'
I tried to break into Mina's skype account yesterday to see if there was anything useful there. Anyway, I actually managed to hack into it, but there was nothing there. Just Mina and Lucy discussing their love life. Nothing usefull but very intriguing. Sad that I wasn't mentioned at all.
Haven't been spending much time on the 'gold letters' book club.
Blue Demon hasn't been online recently (Anthony) and he is pretty much the only person in that chat that I am interested in now. Edwin Ratter is also hanging around now, and I don't trust that guy at all.
Alright i'm going to wrap this up. Still really dispirited over the flack ive gotten over this 'Search fo the zone' thing.
We've got 8 episodes left!
There's so much to resolve in the remaining episodes. I don't know how Lynch and Frost are giopgn


  • Cooper's scrambled brains
  • Gordon's search for the truth about Cooper
  • The Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department's search for Cooper himself
  • Janey-E and Sonny Jim's final fate
  • Ike the Spike's contract
  • The casino bosses
  • Possibly the loan sharks (I think they're gone for good though)

  • Revealing whatever happened with the Woodsmen by the roadside
  • Confrontation with Ray at The Farm
  • His plans for the blueprints he downloaded
  • How Briggs died and why his body was staged/the principal framed
  • What Jeffries has planned for Mr C

  • The fates of Shelley's daughter and her douchebag boyfriend
  • Richard killing the kid and being spotted by the teacher
  • The kid who overdosed in a school
  • Richard's parentage
  • Richard's deal with Red
  • Red's magical abilities
  • The sound in Ben Horne's office

  • What he was up to before he died
  • What the army wants
  • The circumstances of his death

  • Her motivations
  • Her relationship to the Woodsmen

  • What he wants with BOB
  • Whether he is actually Mother (he is actually Mother)

  • What happened with Laura's face in the Red Room?
  • Was she created by the White Lodge?
  • What is her significance in relation to BOB?
  • What is its purpose?
  • Who is the billionaire that built it?

Whats on the other page of the diary still missing?
I'm confident Frost and Lynch have the prowess to pull off something amazing though.
Here are some interesting theories on how this thing could end:

Also. If you're trying to 'MAKE SENSE'

These Lynch quotes are pretty inspiring:

1) Cooper has, or is well on his way, to surrendering to the Higher Self.

". . . Bliss, which is a result of the laws which govern physical behavior merging with the highest levels of spirit, and together manifesting the magical and mystical level of cosmic awareness, becoming one with the longing for complete surrender to the higher self, which has potentially been waiting these long eons of time, and in fact sometimes has been dipping into a state of semi-sleep or unconsciousness, bordering on complete absence of thought."

2) Good and Evil must coexist in order to achieve this awareness.

“. . . the consequences of interaction between the positive and negative forces are producing a vital link between the subconscious and super conscious minds, which therefore can only be considered as actual structures with two separate and distinctly different qualities”

3) DoppleCoop refused to brush his teeth in season 2 for a reason.

“. . . teeth, while not necessarily considered one of the primary building blocks of happiness, can in fact become a small sore, festering and transferring negative energies to the once quiet and peaceful mind, giving it over to strange and unproductive thinking.”
Find it interesting the amount of people having crazy dreams since this show started airing:

Got to count myself in this camp.
Just to tie out this thread. The ending for the series has been leaked in script form, so watch for spoilers people:

Lel. Obviously a joke. But quite a good one guys. Ok. Well i'll update soon, in the meantime keep watching the skies, the Earles are not what the seem!

When Jupiter and Saturn meet, they will admit you...